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Norwich Heating Systems ~ Power Flushing

Power Flushing is also often referred to as 'Jet Flushing' or 'Hard Flushing' in central heating circles and all mean essentially the same thing i.e. forcing water at high velocity, but at low pressure through a hot water heating system, in order to throughly cleanse and remove sludge accumulated over many years. If your heating system has any of the symptoms listed below, then it may well need powerflushing:

  • Botton of radiators are cold to the touch
  • Radiators are cold all over
  • Frequent bleeding needed
  • Boiler cutting out early on heating cycle
  • Little hot water or low hot water pressure
  • Boiler bangs and thuds, noisy pipes
To view an animated diagram showing symtoms which could indicate that your central heating system needs powerflushing please Click Here.

Powerflushing is also used in before commissioning a new central heating system to ensure that no swarf, grease or flux is left in the system before it's started up.

Using our team of qualified powerflusing plumbers  you're safe in the knowledge that you're in professional hands.

How Does It Work?
The power flushing pump is quickly connected to the heating system, using the most suitable method depending on the design of the heating system. Setting up normally only takes a few minutes.

The powerful pump is started which dislodges and loosens deposits and corrosion normally left untouched by traditional heating system cleaning methods. Once the corrosion and sludge deposits are loose and mobile, clean fresh water is forced around and through the heating system, pushing the dirty water out to waste.

During the cleaning process, radiators are flushed individually, without removing or disconnecting them from the system. By this method each radiator is cleaned separately and at the end of the flushing process, the system contains fresh clean water. The result is a fully optimised heating system with no mess to clear up afterwards.

Starting up the heating system again following a full flushing operation takes only a few minutes. However, it should noted that power flushing will not improve the design nor repair mechanical faults within the system. Having said that, power flushing will often improve the operation of a badly designed or poorly installed central heating system.

You can call us at any time day or night for immediate assistance: 07968 168292

Power Flushing and Central Heating services we offer:

  • New system pre-cleaning
  • De-scaling old heating systems
  • Heating system surveys
  • Noisy boiler (kettling) investigation
  • Water pH analysis (acidity/alkalinity)
  • Corrosion inhibitors
  • Heating system anti-freeze
  • Mains water filtration
  • Water sterilisation

Our gas service prices can be viewed on our charges page.

You can call call Shaw Plumbing, Heating & Drainage Services of Norwich anytime day or night Sludge build up in your heating system will make your boiler work harder cost your more money and produce less warmth for you Shaw Plumbing Services Heating & Drainage of Norwich, can power flush your central heating system, quickly and cleanly Kamco CF90 Powerflushing photo courtesy of Kamco

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